Dealing with Hurt

How we respond to hurt is a major determinant of our psychological and spiritual development. Its not just hurtful events that determine our emotional and spiritual health, but how we respond. The importance of learning to deal with hurt in healthy ways is the foundation for promoting our lives toward God’s intended purpose for us.

To accomplish such, we need to be able to identify our response patterns, understand the unhealthy and healthy responses to hurt, and know practical ways to remember and apply what we have learned to use when responding to hurts in our lives.

This presentation will provide descriptions and videos of clients whose stories illustrate the healthy and unhealthy responses to hurt. It is not only important to identify healthy ways to respond to hurt, it is crucial to transfer such learning into enduring patterns that we will use throughout our life span. People appear to learn, retrieve and use strategies that are linked to clear and simple slogans, visualizations, or acronyms. This presentation will provide acronyms for both unhealthy and healthy response patterns to hurt. Such provide a clear and practical approach to make what has been learned easy to remember and use.

Understanding my world: A Journey through an eating disorder

The prevalence of eating disorders, along with the suffering it brings continues to fuel the need for increased understanding and effective ways to help. Some of the most powerful ways to gain insight is to get inside the head and heart of those afflicted. Doing so, we see through their eyes, feel from their pain, and think from their mind clouded with perceptions from their own torment. This unique presentation will present the journey of one of the many afflicted. Both psychologist and client will take participants through the life of Becky, whose willingness to be candid and transparent, regardless of the pain, illustrates the healing and grace of our Lord. As Becky shares her story, Dr. Karlosky will help participants recognize and understand the dynamics of the formation of the eating disorder and the steps to healing. Not only will this case study document what pastors, counselors, and people who love someone struggling with an eating disorder need to know, it also provides the hope and encouragement that those dealing with eating disorders desperately need. The sobering and gloom statistics call for the need for a vision of Hope. Becky’s story provides such.

Finding Your Blueprints

God wired us individually with different personality temperaments and innate strengths or gifting. Living in a fallen world, we are harassed by an enemy committed to using our wiring and gifting for harm. God uniquely designed each of us for promoting the Kingdom and for being in relationships where our personality is a blessing; where our strengths are appreciated and used for good. Yet, most of us may not have dug deep enough to understand about our wiring, individual temperament, and gifting. if we don't understand ourselves, we are open for being derailed from our true potential. We also need to understand our unique patterns for dealing with hurt and how our wounds have defined and influenced our lives. Satan studies us and by doing so is armed for how to attack us individually and twist our lives from what they were designed to be. Thus, we need to study and find the blueprints the enemy has been trying to use as the map to our destruction. Mark your calendars for this intense study that will prepare you to battle wisely as you use your uniqueness the way God intended.

Marriage: Thriving or just Surviving?

How do we have a healthy marriage in such an unhealthy world? The greatest you can do for your marriage is to bring in a healthy you. Dr. Karlosky will be hosting a two day conference in mid March at First Assembly of God in Sevierville, TN, near the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Participates will learn many of the major influences upon our relationships, including our personality differences, patterns of dealing with hurt, communication styles, spiritual maturity, love languages, and the ongoing spiritual attacks that grit on marriage above all other relationships. Further details will be forthcoming in mid December. Mark your calendars.

Uncover: The Real You, The Real God, and The Real Enemy

Understanding ourselves is essential in becoming who God had planned us to be, which is the real us. Dr. Karlosky is presenting a two-day conference, November 1 & 2, which uncovers our universal human needs, toxic emotions, destructive patterns that derail us, and healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with hurt. Understanding such not only helps us in our quest to be who we were created to be, but also in understanding those we love who may be destructive and derailed from living a healthy life.
Life Church at 2223 N Washington Ave, Cookeville, TN is hosting the conference, which will be from 6 to 9 pm on Friday, November 1 and from 9 am to noon on Saturday, November 2. Cost for the conference is $10 per person or $15 per couple. Childcare will be provided. You may sign up and pay for the conference at the door at the time of the conference or by going to, click on resources and then click on event sign-up. Hope to see you there!

Have a V-8 moment: You’ll want one regularly

Let me provoke a V-8 moment; like on those commercials where someone smacks another in the forehead, jarring them to suddenly recognize that that could have had a nutritious and tasty V-8 instead of the junk drink they had just drank. Although I promise not to smack anyone, we all need a jarring from time to time about what’s really going on. There are spiritual battles going on all the time that we aren’t even aware of while we live our daily lives. Being at least reminded from time to time will help us choose wisely, live soberly, and promote God’s strategic dreams for our lives. Suitable for older teens and adults of all ages (from a single 60-minute presentation to up to four 50-minute presentations or week-end retreat)

Stuffing your Mental Health Toolbox

We will go shopping for priceless tools to keep forever. You will regularly refer to your toolbox to keep your mental health in tip top shape. We will not only identify the tools, you will learn how to use them. From hammering away unhealthy people pleasing, to sawing off jealous edges, to driving in confidence, to bolting in rivets of faith that are stronger than steel, you will be set for life. Come prepared to be equipped and fueled to live the fulfilling life you always wanted. Suitable for adults (from 60 minutes to week-end retreat or conference)

Boundaries! How did I ever survive without them?

One of the most fundamental lessons we desperately need in life is also one that is most neglected in our training. It’s amazing how few people know and use healthy boundaries in their life and relationships. We will explore what the buzz about boundaries is all about. You will come away with such a deep understanding of boundaries that you can’t help noticing how they affect your daily life. Suitable for adults (60 minutes)

Yes, Christians get Depressed too!

Where do we get these crazy ideas that true Christians don’t get depressed? Learn what depression is all about. We will explore the many facets of depression: brain involvement, stress, life wounds, unhealthy thinking, and spiritual attacks. After uncovering everything you wanted to know about depression, we will explore what you need to know about defeating and transforming depression. This encounter will be a time that I will set the tone by getting real about the pain of depression. This compassionate, yet hopeful message will inspire you. Suitable for late teens to adults of all ages (from a single 60-minute presentation to all day seminar or retreat)

Dealing with Difficult People

How are we going to respond when people don’t act like they should? This is one of life’s greatest challenges. Even when we don’t outwardly act out, we can inwardly act out. Doing so, gives people and Satan much power over us. Learning strategies for dealing with the inconsiderate to down right mean behavior of others will help protect us from some of the most destructive influences in our lives. This exploration will look into one of our deadliest responses: bitterness. Not only does bitterness poison our soul, it turns enormous power over to our greatest enemy: Satan. The results can be devastation worse than the injuries inflicted by others in the first place! Suitable for older teens to adults of all ages (60-minutes)

Marriage as an Assignment

We all want the marriage of our dreams! We might admit that we try to meet our mates’ wants and needs also. Yet, do we really see marriage as an assignment? Just about everyone, at least those who are honest, have wanted to give their assignment back at times. Learning to see your marriage as one of your most important assignments will revolutionize your relationship and attitude. Suitable for adults of all ages (from a single 60-minute presentation to an all day retreat or seminar)

The Power of Previews, Watching can change your life

Based on my current writing project, I hope to passionately entice us to look ahead. Movie previews entice us to anticipate that hilarious comedy, that thrilling adventure, or that tender love story. God has clearly given us a preview of what’s to come in His plan. Not only should it move us profoundly in our anticipation, it should also provoke us to live for what matters for eternity.
Suitable for older teens and adults of all ages (60 minutes or can be extended to an all day retreat or seminar)

Turning the Tables

Fiery Darts from Satan aren’t sent just to torture us; they are sent to keep us from fulfilling our assignments in life. Learn how to turn the tables on the evil one’s plan by catching the darts and make Satan sorry he messed with you. Turning the tables with truth will empower you even more than before the darts were sent. Suitable for all adult ages (60 minutes)

Letting Myself off my own Hook

Sometimes we’re our own worse critics! Let’s give ourselves permission to embrace Jesus’ message, “My yoke is easy, my burden is light”. Getting set free from rigid standards and messages of “shoulds” that God never set for us will take pounds of stress and years of wrinkles off your heart and soul. Suitable for all adult ages (60 minutes)

Choosing Fear: Our Deadliest Enemy or Greatest Advocate

We will identify how fear can be one of our deadliest enemies or one of our greatest advocates. One of the main reasons people struggle in life and seek counseling is due to fear. In trying to combat fear, we strive for trusting God more. However, there is a healthy fear that is foundational to fulfilling God’s plans for our lives. Learn to disable destructive fear, while enhancing and using productive fear. With powerful and moving real life stories, I hope to not only touch your heart, but empower you with truth that you will want to use through all the stages of life. Suitable for late teens and adults of all ages (can be a single 60-minute presentation or up to four 45 to 60-minute presentations)

Becoming who God designed you to be: Padlocking the 6 doors leading to Destruction.

We will uncover the keys to becoming who God designed us to be. How we deal with the hurts of life determines much of our life direction and who we become. I will lead you to identify how you have dealt with the hurts of life. Six deadly processes that derail our lives will be exposed. Heart wrenching cases will profile the destruction, while uplifting victory will set hearts aflame with hope as each case will illustrate the healing force of Christ. Suitable for audiences of older teens and both men and women (From a single 60-minute presentation to up to six 50-minute presentations-this would be a great for a week-end retreat)