Christian Writer

I have a long standing love of writing about concerns of the heart. My goal is to provide insight needed to promote our lives into God’s design. The major determinants of how we uniquely mold depend on how we deal with the hurts of life and how we seek to feel significant in our world.

While I have enjoyed writing for years, I have only recently begun to try to publish my writing. I have used my writing not only as a way to share with my clients, but also as a tool for them to use in exploring and clarifying their own emotions and wounds.

I am currently seeking to publish Open Six Doors to the Real You: The Journey to a Great Life. It equips readers to recognize what destroys lives and what leads to life's greatest treasures. Decades of counseling others helped me discover that those with the most damaged lives have consistently followed six paths. Those who don't give up in the quest, find six paths to life. Finding the paths to real life will uncover the real God, the real you, and the real enemy. Readers will be equipped to pursue a life defined by purpose, joy, and healthy relationships.

I have another manuscript almost completed that was birthed from hurtful and private struggles within my own family. With my husband’s generous and gracious permission, in Exposing Him: Coming out of the Closet about Living with Evil , I have described the horrifying damage that distorted my husband from who God meant him to be. Insight is given into what made him vulnerable, how depression and ways of responding produced destructive power in his life, and the keys to victory.

The graphic and detailed accounts of living with someone under the influence of distorted thinking are provided. The physical, emotional, and spiritual forces are described because of my deep desire to expose destructive strategies and to promote help for others who are privately suffering. Many feel isolated and alone as they struggle with forces in their home that they feel no one else, even Christians, would understand. Although the journey was painful, it ends with great victory and hope for not only my husband and our family, but for countless others tormented by depression, anger, and evil.

What others say about Dr. Karlosky’s Writing...

Reading Dr. Karlosky’s writing is somewhat like participating in personal therapy that equips you to promote your life and to share with others in promoting theirs. Her style of writing is passionate, yet simple and clear in its attempt to engage you from the first page to the last.